Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two Coaches Enter, Two Coaches Leave

But under different circumstances, to be sure.

The Vikings finally lost Mike Tomlin to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Apparently, they were dazzled by his poise, which seems more like a reason to crown a Dairy Princess of Yellow Medicine County than pick a new head coach.

The "dazzled by his poise" line comes from the finely wrinkly puss of Sid Hartman, so who knows how exact that description is. If you've never read any Sid, chew on this sentence for a while. Imagine a 13 year old girl (a JV cheerleader, perhaps) saying it. I think it makes more sense that way:

"The players had so much respect for Tomlin because he was so smart and so knowledgeable and was super at handling people. "

OMG! I know! He was so smart!

The Vikings will no doubt miss Tomlin, who did build a credible defense even when hampered by a pretty sketchy secondary, which was for most of the season.

Dwayne Casey is also out of Minnesota, fired by the Timberwolves, following an 0-4 skid, which followed the best play the Wolves had shown all season. This began to feel pretty inevitable when the Wolves brought back Randy Wittman to be an assistant this season. The Wolves are currently 20-20, and in contention for a playoff spot. I don't know what I think of this move, but I doubt Randy Wittman (or really, anyone) is going to be able to improve this team much above .500 ball. We'll see. It seems clear to me that the frontcourt deficiencies don't get automatically healed by R-Witt's Magic Touch.

And finally, here's a funny/awful story from The Land of Minnesota Nice. A school using a concept created by a national organization, develops a No-Name Calling Week. A few parents go crazy when they learn that the idea of the week was first suggested by GLSEN, a Homosickual Group! Their crazy gay agenda apparently includes trying to protect gay youth from being taunted! How dare they! "We would have never agreed to No-Name Calling Week," the argument seems to be, "if we had known the fags were behind it!"

Awe-inspiring in the accidental, moronic irony.


Badcock said...

Homeroom was awesome this year!!!
Have a great summer!!!
Stay sweat!!!

Muumuuman said...

The Founder and Executive directer is Kevin Jennings (www.kevinjennings.com), not to be confused with Ken Jennings the momo trival knowledge master. Kevin Jennings is twice as handsome as any man in Farmington, MN - perhaps that is root of the problem. He's a super-gay-lets-all-be-friends money making machine! Non-profits, books, etc. Yo go homo!