Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ass-Chewing: A Primer

The Milwaukee Brewers are celebrating not having sniffed the playoffs for 25 years in fine form. Prince Fielder and J.J. Hardy are tied for the NL home run lead at 12, the team boasts the second best record in baseball, and there is finally reason to tune in short of watching running tubed meats.

However, the recent ejection of Brewer Manager Ned Yost is inspiring. Not since Earl Weaver used to row with Ron Luciano have I seen such an unrequited ass-chewing. Great, great theater. Yost's full bodyspin early in the argument has to have been rehearsed.

Please also enjoy the Favre-like handjobbery of the Brewers from Fox Sports North and how obvious it is that Geoff Jenkins says "fuck" after the third strike is called.

The Brewers' current form is fine but their road trip is buggered by some bad luck and the horrible form of Derrick Turn-blow. The bad luck will swing, but I'm troubled to advocate for the benching of Turn-blow. I really like the dude*, but failed closers make for dog-shit middle relievers. And Turn-blow's current effort smacks of "horrible tryout for closer" instead of "transitioning to middle reliever."

Despite D-rock's current self-soiling, I'm comfortable predicting a sweep of the Twins in Milwaukee this weekend.

Prove me wrong, children.

*Turn-blow was suspended from the team early in his tenure for writing "kick me" on the back of a young fan's t-shirt during a signing session at an elementary school.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

he should try to take away home plate a la Lloyd mcclendon in pittsburgh a few years back. (though he took out a far easier-to-remove second base).

Brew-haaaas said...

Actually, it was Curtis Leskanic that wrote the t-shirt message. Another fine exampler of the closer mentality. But we wouldn't put it past D-bow.

Miwacar said...

That's a tough call (sweep of Twins) Barnyard, not because the Twins are playing at all well, they aren't, but because the Brew Crew is getting their own asses swept as we speak. A 4 gamer to boot. My lady's Phillies are giving them the old what for.

CLARE. said...

Unfortunately for me, my office blocks the YouTubes, so I can't see the ejection you're talking about, but I hope this is Yost's ejection from earlier this week in Philly. I could clearly make out the phrase "You're a fucking moron" on the Comcast SportsNet feed. It was magnificent.

Eric said...

check out the big terry tate-looking dude in the first row cracking up. you get a good view of him with about 55 seconds remaining. Yost and the umpire frame him perfectly.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Good pull, Eric. That guy is doing exactly what I'd be doing in that situation. Eggin' them the fuck on, and laughing about it.

Eric said...

Holy crap! They should use that as a case study when training managers on how to pull off a morale-raising, barn-burning, so-good-it's-a-stereotype argument with an umpire. Bravo, sir. Bravo.