Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogger Round-Up

10,000 Takes had a Valentine Day /Timberwolf post that we would have found annoying, if it were not so well done and accurate: Randy Wittman's Candy Sampler. Gentlemen, we doff our caps, and share your frustration.

The Fanhouse is not impressed with Tim Hardaway's new found tolerance towards homosexuals. In response to Hardaway's year of therapy in which he's realized that homosexuals are people, and citizens of the United States, the FanHouse says, "Thanks for going on the radio and telling us all something that we already knew, without having to go to counseling for a year to realize it." We're guessing the FanHouse hasn't lived in Alabama.

The Pacifist Viking wants the Minnesota Vikings to note that Alge Crumpler might be available.

Ouch. The Postmen take the Big Lead to task for "breaking" the news of IU's Kelvin Sampson's firing, which turned out to be premature. If you fancy yourself a breaking news blog, being compared to Perez Hilton has got to smart a bit.

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