Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gazza: A Plea

In the past, we've had our fun with Paul Gascoigne, but we are truly worried about this most recent incident. If you haven't heard, Gazza was arrested for his own safety after having people in the hotel he was staying in complain about the wicked noise he was making.

Gazza has been going down this road a while. Known for his antics off the pitch, and his heart on the sleeve genius on the pitch, he's been a goldmine for sportswriters and tabloidists alike. No one has summarized better than our new friends at Unprofessional Foul.

He was a fighter on the pitch, and unfortunately, off the pitch, too. Please, Paul, don't just be an object lesson for the likes of Wayne Rooney. Get yourself right.

Make no mistake, Gazza was a genius on the pitch, and if he can get himself together, and not be the next Georgie Best, he could be a sideline genius, too. But good Lord, everything points to him getting sicker and sicker. If we were the praying sort, we would pray for Paul Gascoigne. 40 years old is too damn young to be sliding into the kind of irretrievable morass Gazza seems to be sliding right into (cleats up, no doubt). Get yourself right, Paul. No one else is going to do it for you, and I don't want to put you in my 2009 Deadpool.

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Karah said...

Incredible! I love this guy.