Sunday, August 17, 2008

Favre vs. Washington Redbeasts

What did we learn from this 13-10 Redbeasts preseason win?

Favre looked good in very limited action. Handed a short field, he zipped a TD to his rookie TE. He was also crushed in a blitz. Last year, the Packers line only gave up 19 sacks while the Jets gave up (are you ready?) 53 sacks.

Jets backup WRs can't catch. QB Clemens will be playing a lot this year, either as the designated starter or coming in to replace Favre (see above). He showed his escapability and arm but ended up 5-12 for 63 yards. He was victimized by dropped passes on 6 of 7 incompletions, including one in the end zone.

Redbeasts can run. The line opened up huge holes, FB Mike Sellers (6-3, 284) is a big scary monster lead-blocker and the Redbeasts have a lot of horses in their stable. The rushing attack will continue to be the strength & identity of this team. I like that.

Redbeasts QBs are developing. Campbell got yanked without finding his rhythm, but Todd Collins and Colt Brennan continue to impress.

Redbeasts backup D can't tackle. There were some awful attempts late in the game, nearly allowing a last-minute Jets TD.

and finally, if you go for the tie in a preseason game, you will lose. The Jets sent Mike Nugent onto the field to send the game into overtime. The Jets were on the 6 yard line. He blasted it off the post.


Favre will have a hard time lasting a season in NYC, physically and emotionally.

The Redbeasts are still a work in progress. They've been winning preseason games (3-0) but always with their scrubs. This illustrates that both starters and backups are moving along at an even pace, but the 1st Team isn't totally clicking yet. With a very demanding schedule right out of the gates, the Redskins are looking like a team that might struggle in the first quarter of the season.

Go Washington Redbeasts Go!

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Miwacar said...

How about the Washington Redasses.
It is poignant and offers a glimpse into the lockeroom shenanigans of the almost entirely homosexual roster.

"Snap...I got you Clinton, right on your sweet little ass."