Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TV vs. Theater, Point for TV

In one of my many, many social networks (I'm wired for content, baby!) a theater actress, sometime TV actress (she lives in NYC, so you may know her from a Law & Order) was saying that she was pondering the difference between TV and Theatre. It should be noted that her husband is currently shooting a TV pilot, and so it was in her head.

I do love a quality play. I've read more than I've seen, mainly because no one puts on Ugo Betti or even the simple pleasures of a "Butley". I've got the book smarts, you see. But here's an argument for TV, right here.


Andrew Wice said...

Sorry to contradict you, Big BM, but that clip is an argument for a laugh track.

Oh, it already has one.

Jess said...

This is quite possibly one of my favorite episodes of NewsRadio. Super Karate Monkey Death Car is brilliant.

Andrew Wice said...

"Television is for jerks and lesbians."

-- Homer J. Simpson*

* he actually said "public transportation"

Andrew Wice said...

Also, Bob Dylan said, "Folk music is a bunch of fat people."

Jess said...

I think it's terribly wrong of you to manipulate quotes from Homer Simpson. Especially when he says things like:

"Television! Teacher, mother ... secret lover."

Andrew Wice said...

"Great is the weight of steady misrepresentation."

-- Charles Darwin