Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Run the Ball, Kyle!

Washington let a late lead slip away and lost to the Cowboys on six field goals. The single great reason the Skins didn't win? Pass-happy playcalling featuring a shitty QB.

DC went ahead 16-9 at the end of the third quarter. With the defense playing tough, the game's only TD should have been the game winner. They only needed to eat some time, gain some field position and ice the game: a perfect scenario for the running game to take over. Instead, from the time of their lead until the end of the game, Kyle Shanahan called 16 passes and 2 runs. That is just idiotic. Most of the passes were play-action that fooled nobody because, duh, we never ran the ball.

The results were equally pathetic: less than 50% completions, two sacks (including the game-ending fumble) and a whopping 4 yards per pass attempt.

Attention, Kyle Shanahan: this QB would not start for any other team, and is the least trustworthy player on offense. Why would you pin our chances to win on Gross Rexman's 50 throws per game?

Run the ball, Kyle!

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Andrew Wice said...

Kyle Shanahan addressed my concerns in an interview with the Wash. Post. His explanation for dropping half his playbook?

Too early to run down the clock, and the runs weren't picking up enough yardage.

Bogus. Our RBs are a threat, and keeping them sheathed means they won't pick up any yards. Our QB is a threat -- to us. Letting the D know it's all-Gross all-the-time is like an Xmas present.