Friday, February 10, 2012

Second Wave Serbian Hip-Hop Saturday

Because everyone now loves Wolves center Nikola Pekovich, tonight's Wolves telecast on FSN featured a mini-bio on Pekovich.

Some of the info was safe to assume--his favorite basketball player is Vlade Divac; he enjoys fishing (as legally required of anyone living in Minnesota). But here's the fun fact that I learned: Pekovich's favorite music is by the 11-person second-wave Serbian hip-hop collective Beogradski Sindikat. Now, just in case you find yourself on a plane sitting next to Nikola, you'll now be able to talk about Beogradski Sindikat. Here you go. You are welcome.

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pay per head said...

oh I missed that night's Wolves telecast on FSN, I would have liked to watch it, but I had a date that particular day and I do not regret it ;)