Saturday, August 09, 2008

Our Second Or Third Annual NFL Pick 'Em Contest

Readers of I Dislike Your Favorite Team are Hereby Invited to Play in our NFL Pick 'em.

There are Prizes!

First prize gets his/her choice of a Jesus playing Football statue or a Remote Control farting Teddy Bear.

Second prize gets a handsome IDYFT t-shirt of your choice.

Third prize is you're fired. Just kidding; Alec Baldwin will not show up and swear at you; you'll get something much less cool than that, but you'll get something. Which is more than you deserve, 3rd place finisher!

Sign Up, you'll need a Yahoo account, which is pretty painless

In order to join the group, just go to Pro Football Pick'em, click the "Sign Up" button (or "Create or Join Group" if you are a returning user).

From there, follow the path to join an existing private group and when prompted, enter the following information...

Group ID#: 14807
Password: voltronforce

big blue monkey


Lucy Rhode said...

Hi Blue. Is this the simple version? Last year you expected us to think and stuff.

lbutler36 said...

Remote control farting teddy bear, here I come!

Big Blue Monkey said...

I think this game has the same level of thinking as last year. No confidence points, but we will be playing with the spread.

And I'm not talking mayo fights, either.

Andrew Wice said...

Fucking goddammit BBM, you shaft my idea for an original pick 'em so that you can pawn us off on fucking wahoo? With the fucking spread? Fucking bullshit man. Bullshit.

I'm going to post a column about an original pick 'em that hasn't been pumped full of Jimmy the Greek and what Vegas thinks about things.


My name is almost John McCain and I approve this message.