Friday, August 29, 2008

Yankees Demonstrate Love of America By Crushing Everything Good About America

Everything from the Gothamist

Did the NYPD eject a fan from a Yankee game for getting up to use the pisser during "God Bless America"?

And if they did, is that within their rights to do?

The answer to the first question is "Maybe." The answer to the second question is "Yes, probably, until they move into their new stadium that is publicly financed, and then this question gets a hell of a lot more interesting."

Is it symbolic of everything wrong with NYC's power structure of enforced matyrdom and Disneyification? Certainly!

Look, you dickbag Yankees, and you dickbag cops who are working for overtime. You, much like President Bush, have completely squandered the goodwill you earned for your work on 9/11, some seven years ago. You are reverting to your old tactics. Hassling non-violent citizens, "cleaning" up delightfully dirty areas of NYC, and generally, being huge dicks.

It is not a First Amendment right to go a take a piss during "God Bless America"; it is a basic human right that anyone should be able to go up and take a piss. Denying someone the right to evacuate is denying them something much more basic than even their right to Free Speech.

To get chucked out of anywhere--public or private space, for needing to use the bathroom is patently ridiculous. What if it had been a blind woman, who's guide dog needed to crap? Would the NYPD throw the bracelets on her, too? Sadly, the answer is uncertain. The question is patently ridiculous, which it should be.

Fuck you, Yankees. Stop making God and America and 9/11 the province of your fans alone. Last time I checked, the Nationals play within a few miles of the fucking Pentagon, and they don't act like this. The Mets don't act like this.

By the by, playing "God Bless America" doesn't instantly make dangerous dirty Islamic terrorists get up and head to the bathroom. Or maybe it does, but it also makes perfectly innocent citizens, who rightly think that "God Bless America" is a crap song, get up and hit the porcelain. Fuck you, Yankees! FUCK YOU!

Or, hey, maybe this guy was just belligerently drunk:

A spokesman for Yankee Stadium is referring inquiries to the NYPD and calling it "a police matter." A statement from the NYPD reads, "The officers observed a male standing on his seat, cursing, using inappropriate language and acting in a disorderly manner while reeking of alcohol, and decided to eject him rather than subject others to his offensive behavior."

Campeau-Laurion says that he only had two beers during the game, which he attended with a Yankees season ticket holder who says the police are – make sure you're sitting down – lying! He tells CBS 2: "That's ridiculous. That's completely false." But until some videotape surfaces, it's their word against the NYPD.

He certainly looks like a drunken terrorist troublemaker:


Lucy Rhode said...

Goddamn he's cute.

Does anyone else think that McCain and Palin are the homophobic versions of Karen Walker and Beverly Leslie?

Monte Bute is speaking at Loring Park on Sunday -- talkin' about liberty and stuff. If you are in MN, give it a go! Good times will be had by all.

Andrew Wice said...

What's the guy's name? Osama bin Champeau-Depardieu? Throw the book at him!

But a non-sectarian book, please.